Gabe Quinn - Facts & Stats






Gabriel Quinn, often shortened to Gabe Quinn



Celebrity Cop, plus some unmentionables



N. Valencia Street, Alhambra, California

Originally from Memphis, Tennessee

Recently lived at Sanibel Island, Florida


Vital Statistics

Male, white, medium build


6 foot

190 lbs

Black hair, graying temples, Mallen streak

Blue eyes

Still has most of his teeth despite numerous fisticuffs


Marital Status

Widower, was married to Hope Quinn, ne: Campbell

Suspected love interests, include: Eleanor Zimmerman, Angela Winters,

Celeste Connolly, Libby Rae Burnett



Grace Quinn, early-thirties, also known as Gracie, resides in Fort Myers, Florida

George Quinn, thirtyish, current address unknown, married to Katherine Dufresne and father of Gabe's grandson, Connor Quinn



Special Agent - Federal Bureau of Investigation

Consultancy Contract


Retired from the LAPD - Formerly, Senior Homicide Detective III

Los Angeles Police Department - 19 yrs, Central Division,


Previously, Memphis Police Department - 12 yrs, various assignments,

inc. robbery and vice


Most Notable Cases and Their Perpetrators

The Star Strangled Banner Case - The Star Strangler, captured

The Piano Wire Murders, I and II - The Maestro, captured/killed

The Undertaker Case - The Undertaker, at large

Snakeskin aka Gary Cornsilk - ongoing



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